Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Simpsons Intro - Kesha Tik-Tok

I was watching the new episode of the Simpsons today.. And what a great intro! It put a big smile on my face..

Thursday, 17 December 2009


It's snowing!!!

The view from my window.. taken at 3.30am

My train's at 5.40am.. Karina and I will arrive at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport at 8.30pm and we're going to take the 11am flight to London.. From London, we will straight away go to Leicester..

Then, we'll be in London on the 24th..
On the 2nd of January, will stop over at Lille for a good 7 hours.. meet up Minh and Hector.. and finally go back to Besancon!


To all my friends who are spending their holidays in Besancon... Enjoy the snow and the rest of the holidays.. My last week in Besancon this year was a blast and it will soon be over.. Thanks everyone!


Monday, 7 December 2009


'I'm a Citizen of Hopenhagen' - Anis Ilani W, Penang Malaysia

"Unity and Understanding gives me hope" -Masitah J, Brunei Darussalam =D

Come and sign the petition! Let everyone know what gives you hope.. Visit www.hopenhagen.org

Friday, 4 December 2009

Sometimes You're WRONG!

This is hilarious! It's as if he's "singing" in a totally different language.. Couldnt understand a word he's saying! Cacat and sakit bunyi nya! hahaha orang perancis ani tah banar! Dengan senyuman lebar nya and expression mua nya lagi tu! hahaha pacah eh! "SOMETIMES YOU'RE WRONG!"

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha!

Hello everybody!!

It's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry.. I was having a hard time these past few weeks.. But alhamdulillah, almost everything is settled.. I've also been busy with my exams and was too occupied with all the TV shows! There's a lot of new series coming out..

GLEE- Yawn.. with a capital Y! Lame brabis ahhhh! typical american highschool drama.. The only thing that makes it different from the others is that, it's a musical..

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES- (recommended by Amal) ok lah.. boleh di terima.. it's obviously pasal vampires.. The pilot (episode 1), is a bit slow.. but once you watch the other upcoming episodes, baru tah start siok.. and if it wasn't for this, I wouldn't have watched TWILGIHT- CHAPITRE 2: TENTATION (Twilight- Chapter 2: Full Moon), I don't get why the french translated FULL MOON as TENTATION (temptation).. jauh jua tu!

Anyway, I'll stop being a critique for now and get on with blogging..

First of all, aku nada mood kan upload gambar.. Nanti lah saja.. Malassssssssssssssss brabisssssssssssss.. Kalau kan liat gambar di Venezia (Venice), check saja arah facebook ku.. ada tu.. yang Amsterdam and Paris alum ku upload..

Secondly, check this website out..
http://paperbloomsproject.blogspot.com/ My friend asked me to spread it around.. It's basically a website for her uni-project.. It's kinda cool and creative.. I wouldn't ask you to check it out if it's boring, would I?

My Xmas holiday falls on the 19th of December till the 3rd of January.. As usual, I am going to the UK! Here's my plans..

18th December- Besancon to Leicester (via Paris and London)
21st December - most probably go to Nottingham
22nd December- go back to Leicester
23rd December- My sister and I are going to host a tahlil (makan 40 hari) for my nene, Almahrumah Dayang Hajah Mariam bte Sulaiman who just passed away on the 13th of November. Al-Fatihah..
24th December- go to London.. Gg's coming with me =D
2nd January- London to Besancon (via Lille)

Yeap so there you go.. So get your calendar out and make sure you guys can make it to London between the 24th of December and the 2nd of January..

Last but not least, I just want to say..

to everyone!


Thursday, 22 October 2009

birthday week

I bought an oven for my birthday present!!! =D
murtabak maggi... (murtabak made from Maggi Kari..) Nyaman.. You should try.. =D

Sasi and Mejah just outside my door.. ready to surprise me with a cake at 12.30am 6th of October 2009.

They really surprised me.. THANKS GUYS.. Sasi, Aimi, Kuku and Mejah
merci beaucoup!
They even bought me a gift! =D
thanks everyone!

6th of October 2009..
Aman, the rock and roll star
putung Tapak Kuda for the guests

Mejah preparing the lagsana.. thanks =D

Buttermilk Chicken =D
Lilo and Aman playing BOP IT.. inda lapas bah dari tangan..
Karina making the Chocolate Mocha Raspberry Cake.. =D
the guests (Mejah nada.. ia ambil gambar)

The Chocolate Mocha Raspberry cake.. Thanks Karina =D

10th October.. open house rumah Mimi and my birthday celebration for the others tarus lah..

Mimi, Ka Yah, Ina, Mas and Ama
Just before going to the Sonorama..

Sonorama.. basically it's like a music festival.. So there was music everywhere on the streets that weekend..
Ada macam open 'party' at Place de la Revolution.. The biggest square in Besancon..
disco lights

After that, we somehow went to Faris's place..
everyone.. (except Faris.. ia yang ambil gambar)
Ben and Jerry's ice cream =D


Saturday, 17 October 2009


I am so thankful to be able to go back for Raya even though it was only for a week.. Thank you Brunei government for the free ticket back home! and yessss KAZU, Surprised! =D

Anyways, I'm just gonna post the Raya pictures.. Malas ku lagi kan upload gambar time puasa/terawih... bangas kali sudah.. hahaha

(ngam tia ramai pakai baju biru)

(the extended family of Acit, Palid, Buagau)

KAZU overseas student minus Abang Alim... wohooooooo~ Ampauuuuuuu~
semua anak Mummy, Palid and Buagau (minus Abg Alim)

rumah c Liesda..
rumah c Hafiz Razak..

next day..
Rumah c Hafiz Daud

Di Airport sending off my sister, Amalina, to the UK.. PEEEEEEEEEEEEATH!
And sending Mally off tarus =D

tarus sambung beraya ke rumah c Mukramah..

the day after, ada Open house rumah kami tapi utk kawan saja.. tapi before the Open House, durang Buagau ada open house jua.. so aga dulu rumah Buagau...
rumah Buagau.. First guest to arrive kali ahhhh.. =D

Izaaa and friends ke rumah
The buiiis minus a lot

family c Liesda
orang PGGMB..



I'm still accepting birthday presents.. *AHEM*

My school holiday starts next week (24th October -1st November).. Will be off to Paris, Venice and Amsterdam!!!!

23rd October - Mas goes to Paris and meet up Abang Alim, Amalina and Ka Santi..
24th October - going to bring them to La Vallee Village (outlet shopping centre)
- Majah and Ka Twinkle arrive at Gare du Nord at 8pm
25th October - Abang Alim, Malina, Ka Santi leaves Paris for London.. will bring Majah and Ka Twinkle jalan2 around Paris..
26th October - leave Paris for Venice
27th October - Venice
28th October - leave Venice for Paris
29th October - leave Paris for Amsterdam
30th October - leave Amsterdam for Paris
31st October - Majah and Ka Twinkle leave Paris for London and I'm going to go back to Besancon