Thursday, 22 October 2009

birthday week

I bought an oven for my birthday present!!! =D
murtabak maggi... (murtabak made from Maggi Kari..) Nyaman.. You should try.. =D

Sasi and Mejah just outside my door.. ready to surprise me with a cake at 12.30am 6th of October 2009.

They really surprised me.. THANKS GUYS.. Sasi, Aimi, Kuku and Mejah
merci beaucoup!
They even bought me a gift! =D
thanks everyone!

6th of October 2009..
Aman, the rock and roll star
putung Tapak Kuda for the guests

Mejah preparing the lagsana.. thanks =D

Buttermilk Chicken =D
Lilo and Aman playing BOP IT.. inda lapas bah dari tangan..
Karina making the Chocolate Mocha Raspberry Cake.. =D
the guests (Mejah nada.. ia ambil gambar)

The Chocolate Mocha Raspberry cake.. Thanks Karina =D

10th October.. open house rumah Mimi and my birthday celebration for the others tarus lah..

Mimi, Ka Yah, Ina, Mas and Ama
Just before going to the Sonorama..

Sonorama.. basically it's like a music festival.. So there was music everywhere on the streets that weekend..
Ada macam open 'party' at Place de la Revolution.. The biggest square in Besancon..
disco lights

After that, we somehow went to Faris's place..
everyone.. (except Faris.. ia yang ambil gambar)
Ben and Jerry's ice cream =D


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Great Blog, nice pics!