Sunday, 16 November 2008

the 'cutting edge' experiment

Okay I got bored one day and decided to cut my bangs off.. I've always wondered how I'd look like with short fringes.. So instead of imagining how it'd look like, why don't give it a go? It'll be like one of those I-got-nothing-better-to-do home experiments that I can just pull off.. and if it doesn't work, it'll grow back, wouldn't it? So, why not?

Ok kah? do you think it's padan? I mean, i agree it's a totally different look.. But does the hairdo looks great on me or does it just look weird? haha

peace! (style orang Jepun) Oh yeah speaking of which.. I thought I was being stereotypic with the Japanese doing the peace sign.. But apparently, they actually do the peace sign kalau begambar.. Well, most of the ones I know and met here in Besançon.. And there is A LOT of them here..

nah kucing ku.. ia 'malu malu kucing' begambar ah.. eksen tia tapuk2.. =p

Bah once again...
PEACE OUT, homies.. haha *lame*

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