Thursday, 20 November 2008


I've recieved an email from the MOE informing us that the Minister of the MOE, YB Pehin Dato Dr Haji Abdul Rahman, will be visiting Paris next weekend (29th Nov till 5th Dec). For that, they are inviting us to go to Paris next weekend.

Next Friday, the 28th of November, I am going on a day trip to Strasbourg, west of France (just beside Germany) on a school trip to visit the European Parliment and European Council building. I love Strasbourg! It's actually my top 3 favourite cities in Europe.
Winter is coming soon.. The leaves are almost gone..

My exam week is in three week's time.. I have a lot of assignments to do. I've already sat for 2 tests.. and I have another test to sit for next week. On top of that, I have 4 assignments to do before the second week of December.. Everything's piling up..

Though I have something to look forward to next month. I am going to the UK for my two week (awu.. dua minggu saja ah.. skajap!) holidays from the 22nd Dec till 3rd January. I'll be spending my first week in London and then ke Newcastle in time for new year.

Apa lagi ah? atu kali saja lagi.. Kucing ku masih belabih.. She likes to watch spongebob..
Kaypoh kucing ku..


Mamu Kazu said...

Mas, belabih jua kucing mu atu sampai liat spongebob.. atu sanang dijaga... hahaha

maybe ia suka dangar spongebob's laugh... hahaha

Izzul said...

lawa2 d pics..