Monday, 30 March 2009

Birthday Bash + Carnaval 2009

Hello People!

Saturday, 28th March 2009..

It was earthhour.. and at the same time, our time had shifted.. so the time difference between Brunei and France is now 6 hours instead of 7 hours..

Just before Saturday, I recieved an e-mail from my eldest brother saying that my two youngest sisters.. c Dilly and Zien.. ask me to participate in the earthhour thing. So at 1.30pm France time (then, 8.30pm Brunei time) that Saturday, I phoned my family in Brunei.. and I recieved a big 'HALLO!!!!' from c Azimah (Zien).. bangal telinga ku.. haha sudah atu.. i could hear the TV in the background and I'm like.. "eh, TV kah tu? usul2 nya inda betutup lampung kamu ani!! hahaha.. angin!!!" kedapatan bah durang ah.. loser jua tu.. suruh orang ikut earthhour.. durang inda ikut..
Skalinya c Dilly cakap "inda sanggup bah.. pasal kalau tutup lampung, rusak mata kalau liat TV.." hahahaha whatever~

Anyway, that night, went to Planoise to celebrate Mejah, Nisha and Sasi's birthday.. so ada kenduri lah.. =D thanks Mejah for hosting..

Sunday, 29th March 2009..
Carnaval de Besancon 2009. There's a carnival in the city centre.. went with Sofia, Momo and Salwani..

confettis all over
*no comment*

belabih ah kanak2 ah..

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