Friday, 13 March 2009

Dobry den Praha!

After just 4 days in Prague, I learnt some basic Czech words like

Dobry Den (Doh-Bree-Then) = hello (formal)
Ahoy (A-hoy) = hello (informal)
Dekuji (Day-ku-yee) = Thank you (formal)
Diky (Dee-kee) = Thanks (informal)
Jeden (Yay-Then) = One
Dva (The-Vaa) = Two
Tri (Three) = Three
Den (Then) = Day

Anyways, nah gambar..
Upon our arrival

backpacker =D buildings nya warna warni =D
Communist Memorial Place

Petrin Tower (mini Eiffel Tower).. We went up (pakai tangga.. there's no lift).. tinggi wah.. ngalih gilaaaa.. sudah tah sakit kaki bagas main basketball.. tapi murah lah.. 50 Crowns = 2euros entrance fee nya..
view dari tower.. tangah2 atu Pratzsky Hrad (Prague Castle).. Yang pointy2 atu, the Cathedral inside the castle..
in the middle is the Charles Bridge.. Famous jua lah.. if you cross the bridge, sana city centre nya where there's the Old and New Town.. Kami tinggal across the bridge atu lah..
Mirror Maze just next to the Petrin tower
TRDELNIK.. cinnamon bread.. NYAMAAAAN =D sia siapun..
dap dap

Dancing BuildingHi Ya!

dapan the Matilda boat restaurant.. Murah lah kalau kan makan sana.. especially kalau convert into Euros.. Pasta nya less than 10 euros wah.. dalam 7-8euros.. Standard tampat nya.. kalau d France, Pasta paling murah 8.90euros atu pun vegetarian.. urghEntrance to the Charles Bridge

Prague Castle at nighton the bridge..

entrance to Pratszky Hrad (Prague Castle)

Cathedral nya (yang pointy2 yang kamu slalu liat dalam gambar sebelum ani)

Time atu ngam ada Barbie exhibition in the Toy Museum (located in the castle)..
never been produced 80s fashion avant-garde Barbies

The view of the city from Pratzsky Hrad

The famous astronomical clock. It is said that the inventor of this clock punya mata kana butakan and his hands cut off so that he couldn't invent a similar clock like this.
Infront of a communist memorial statue (ada dalam Jason Mraz LUCKY punya video clip)
ngam ada concert that time.. The Taste Of Europe

something something museum.. haha

Statue of King Charles on a kuda tebalik. The artist who made this statue was drunk when he made this.

souvenir shopping in the Old Town Market.. I just love the wooden toys..

Learning how to play with the Pinocchio puppets.. Looks easy.. But it's au contraire.. takes a while to get a hold of it
the wooden puppets..

met Adam (classmate ku d Lille last year) on my last day in Prague. Pratzsky Hrad in the background.. This is taken on the Charles Bridge

The tdrelnik lagi =D nyaman ahhh
love the road sign.. kiiiyuuut!

Adam brought us to a coffee shop.. He suggested that we taste the chocolate with chilli.. and so we did
the chocolate with chilli
WEIRD! Awal2 macam rasa chocolate.. tapi after taste nya padas d lihir..


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