Saturday, 30 May 2009

Postcards from the KAZU Twins...

MY EXAMS ARE DONE!!! Finally.. Alhamdullilah~ The seven hours of exam I had yesterday is now over!

Anyway, I've recieved postcards from my mom and her sister from Malaysia.. Cuba check stamps nya.. cool ah. haha =D

Postcard from Kuantan, Malaysia.. (21/04/2009)

from Mummy and Majah..

Postcard dari Mummy..

Postcard from Buagau


steady eh stamp durang atu.. it made me smile.. THANK YOU! MERCI BEAUCOUP! Oh yeah.. and apparently, bukan aku sorang saja kana bagi postcards yang ada stamp muka durang.. HAHA my cousin from Australia and some cousins in Brunei pun ampit the postcards and stamps.. haha ada ada saja... I'll try to find out cana durang buat.. cool ah~

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