Thursday, 11 June 2009


DZIEN DOBRY everibodeh!

im in krakow, poland right now. I'm already half way into my eurotrip.

Just went to Auschwitz (the biggest NAZI concentration camp- an hour and a half from Krakow) and then went to the Wawel castle at Krakow's city centre. Siok lah Auschwitz ah especially if you're into history and if you know the story behind it.. Sedih jua lah.. And payah kan imagine how those people really suffer and how some could survive at Auschwitz..

Today's a public holiday in Poland. Something to do with the christian religion. So most of the shops are closed and it's difficult to hunt for souvenirs. Oh speaking of which, gila there's like AT LEAST 18 cathedrals/churches in the old town area in the city centre.. alum lagi luar the old town.. and tadi, you can see like nuns in their uniforms (yang macam the ones in Sister Act punya movie) like almost everywhere.. baru ku telarah.. d besancon, nuns nya inda jua tinggi sangat tudung durang and pakai skirt 3/4 and warna navy blue uniform durang and durang jarang ada in groups.. tadi sana sini nuns durang bejalan in groups.. cali lah sikit.. pasal macam penguins tia jua banar.. no offense.

Eh tapi kan.. it's really difficult to find halal food here. And I'm sick of McD's fillet-o-fish and tuna pizza. My maggi supply is running low. Hope to find halal chicken or Nordsee (this really great Seafood fastfood restaurant.. You guys should eat there if you ever find it.. I think you can find it in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland.. inda ku sure ah in other countries..)

Anyways, most of the Polish don't speak english so it's difficult to communicate.. Even the train/bus punya ticket officers inda cakap english.. paning.. Sorang atu pandai cakap Spanish tah plg.. Baik jua jo hablas y entiendo un poco de espanol. haha

Bah eh.. kan ke supermarket dulu kan bali talur utk masak maggi.. hahaha dap dap..

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