Sunday, 5 July 2009


hi everyone..

just a quick update.. im in London.. Arrived here from Paris via Lille on the 26th of June.. Transit d Lille for a few hours and had the chance to meet up Zhilin, Minh and Hector at Lille. Had lunch with them at Subway, Euralille. It's good to see them again =D

When I was in Paris, Amal, Pj, Shidah, Dilah, Dizah and Rasmina (aka Bibi.. awuuu.. ia datang dari Brunei) were there.. Showed them around lah.. tapi durang balik London a day earlier..

Anyway, I've been in London for over a week sudah.. Sioooook~ Ngam summer sale ahhh~ =D wohoooo~ Yang Harrods punya sale lagi sioook brabis.. tapi crowded lah..

Im staying at durang Amal's pad at Queensways.. most of them balik Brunei ni.. One by one semua orang balik Brunei.. Sigh.. Mina and Shidah balik sudah..

Aku dangar Uncle Atan is coming this Thursday and Bungsu aji and his family are coming to the UK (esok tapi durang ke Ireland dulu for Ka Iza's graduation then ke London on the 11th kali).. So I might be staying at Brunei Hall when they're here.. Then tarus ku balik ke France..

Thanks Mina for coming to Paris and the maggi, milo apa.. =D
To the girls of Flat 56, Queensway, Thanks for having me as a guest.. =D

Nanti tah ku upload gambar2 from Eurotrip insyallah..

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