Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Eurotrip- Wien

Just before we left Strasbourg (France), we had fried rice (made by Aimi that morning)..
our bus ride from Strasbourg to Wien (Vienna)..
in the bus, an hour before we arrived at Vienna

Vienna's city centre.. near the St Stephan's cathedral
Aimi, the viking
on the streets.. looking for food

taking a photo with a guy in a traditional Viennese costume..

We had an outdoor picnic that night outside our hostel.. Our hostel is located on a hilly site about 45 mins away from the city centre.. So the view from our hostel is really spectacular.. Just right for a picnic..

The next day..
lupa ku nama nya.. but it's like a tower and ada this like plank, utk bungie jumping.. if im not mistaken, ada pernah orang Amazing Race buat bungie jumping on that tower..
sibuk ngambil gambar
lawa the flowers!
Sunken City banar... we cant even figure out where it is or what it is.. :s
Chillin out..

We went back home after a brief visit because we needed to change and take a shower for the orchestra that evening.. Ngam we stumbled on the 'SUN IN THE CITY' which was really a place to eat.. More like a food court which serves international food.. We had Thai food when we were there..
just outside the Otto Wagnar station
Sand in the City- the sunny side of Vienna =D
nice place
chillin' out while waiting for our food to come

at the recital
the orchestra.. we also had the chance to hear some opera and see some ballet performances..

taking a photo with the performers


We went to Schloss Schönbrunn, once a palace for the Royal family.. It was a huge place and it has its own zoo. Actually, it is the oldest zoo in Europe as it was a gift to Maria Terresa. It has a greenhouse, a maze, labyrinth and my favourite place in the palace, the Gloriette.. It's like an arch thing located on top of a hill.. and the view is breathtaking.. lawa lah brabis..

After that, we had lunch and went to one of the biggest market in Vienna.. I love the going to local markets.. and then we separated because ada yang ngalih sudah.. Farah and I continued our visits. We passed a lot of places to visit but we were also too tired that we only stopped at the Hunderwasser Haus (Underwater House) and KunstHaus (House of arts).

Schloss Schönbrunn.. at first glanceit looks like Versailles (in Paris)..

the greenhouse
the gardens
the view from the Gloriette
the Gloriette in the background

At the market

We took the tram no. 2..

*IF YOU EVER GO TO VIENNA.. YOU SHOULD HOP ON THE TRAM NO 2.. It'll bring you to tourist places around the city centre

the Hunterwasser (pronounced Un-ter-va-zer.. Kami pronounce Hun-ter-wa-zer.. and orang inda paham or kana ketawa kan.. cause nya orang in German, you pronounce the words as it is... tekarang~ haha)..
a funky place to visit.. inside ada souvenir shops and museums. The building, I think, is made up of recycle stuff macam recycled bottles, glasses, mirrors, tiles etc.. and the floors are biyut membiyut.. inda flat.. cool lah.. worth the visit..
the entrance to the toilet in the Hunterwasser Haus

This is Kunsthaus.. more or less macam Hunterwasser Haus jua.. but it's more to black and white..

just outside our hostel
our hostel in the background
the view from outside our hostel..

ohhh and if you ever go to Vienna, don't forget to taste its speciality.. Sachertorte!
Sachertorte.. NYAMAN YOOOOOO~

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