Friday, 29 August 2008

crazy for baguettes

Assalamualaikum everyone..

I've created this blog just to give you an update on what's going on with my life here in France..

I just arrived in Lille from London at around 12.30noon. I took a taxi back to Maupassant, the place where I lived last year and coincidently, the taxi driver was an Iranian who used to lived in Besancon! Incroyable! He told me he has met a Bruneian once before in Besancon and it was about 10 years back. He told me the Bruneian was a small and short girl. And I immediately thought of Cikgu Rokiah.. who else could it be? When I shouted her name, the taxi driver said, "well that name does ring a bell.. yes.. maybe it was her. I can't really remember her name" But in my mind, i am sure it was Cikgu Rokiah..

Anyway, at Maupassant, I had to wait outside my building for an hour or so cause the reception opens at 2pm. (lunch break is usually at 11am-2pm here). Fortunately I have my trusty Horrible History book with me to entertain myself.

At exactly 2pm, I went to the reception to get my keys and had to carry all my stuff to my bedroom on the 3RD FLOOR using the stairs.. It was a hell of a workload.. I was really tired by then so I didnt go to the bank as I have originally planned..

At 9pm, I went to Barry's room which was on the other side of the building to see him and ask him about Delphine's arrival.. We had a brief chat cause I was really tired and just like that, I went back to my place and went to snoozeville.

Today, I finally met Delphine.. I went over to her place around 2pm and hung out till 5pm.. We went for a little walk for a while to buy ourselves a baguette which I have been craving for since I've got here.. Nyaaaaman wah baguette nya.. I love the baguettes here!

I let her rest for a while and she asked me to come back at 8pm for dinner with her husband, Barry. It's great to have a little company and someone to talk to.. I had dinner with them and had a typical long discussion of a particular topic that we've watched on TV.. Oh la la.. The meal lasted for two and a half hours.. It's ok.. C'est normale. I think I'm used to the 2-3 hour dinner by now..

Ok then.. Till tomorrow..

I'm off to a new town tomorrow.. Delphine, Barry and I are going to have a FIVE HOURS road trip from Lille to Besancon! So I really need my rest for now..

A plus!

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