Sunday, 31 August 2008

Finally! We arrived in Besancon at 8pm last night.. We're staying at a hostel at the moment.. My room is a bit bigger than the one that I had in Lille but it seems smaller cause I have my own toilet in the room.. And the good thing about this place is that.. It has a LIFT! =)

After carrying my 5 heavy luggages and 2 boxes of stuff up my room (with the help of Delphine and Barry.. and the LIFT..) we all had a short rest and took a shower before heading to the city centre at night in search for food.. Lawa lah the place.. But it's not much of a city though.. We had kebab for dinner.. Well, it's more to a midnight snack cause it was already midnight when we got to the city centre..

Thank god I have my fan (kipas angin) that I brought from Lille cause it was not as cold as I expected it would be..

Today, we set off to the city centre after having breakfast at our place. The place provides free breakfast.. =) It was hot outside! Macam di Brunei rasa nya cause it was 29°c.. Angin nya.. skajap ada.. skajap nada.. tapi most of the time, angin nya inda kuat..

We walked to the city centre and went to the CLA (the uni).. we went for lunch at the same place we went to last night.. Ngalih ehhh jalan kaki ah pasal panas atu kali.. Oh well..

I'll upload gambar soon.. too tired to do so now..

SELAMAT BERPUASA!! sungkai kami pukul 8.16pm isuk =s

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