Thursday, 28 August 2008


Just a brief intro..

I'm Masitah Jaafar. My friends call me Mas but my indon friends call me Sitah.. Nada bahh.. beibun saja about the Indon thing..

My birthday is coming soon on the 6th of October. I'm going to study French in the Centre Liguistic Appliqué (CLA) in Besançon (pronounced BAY-ZONG-SONG). The CLA is famous for its french courses for foreign students. I've been there once to visit the university during a STPRI school trip in 2004 and I remembered it well. I remembered that the receptionist was an Indonesian who married a Frenchman and we also had the oppourtunity to meet the principal who was a Frenchman who married and Indonesian and can speak the Bahasa Indonesia.. Aku nyomong yang bener.. It had lots of internatinal students from Africans, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabs, Eastern Europeans, Mexicans etc..

The city of Besançon is really lovely! It's located inside an oxbow lake which flows from the Doubs River. It has a citadel or a fortress surrounding some parts of the river.. I went there once and there was a lot of history in the building and a lot of hills! Besançon is located in the eastern part of France near the western borders of Switzerland and an hour away from Dijon and two hours away from Lyon and Strasbourg. lawa lah the place but honestly, it's more of a town than a city, I guess. I know you'll love it if you visit it.. but I'm dubious if I'll enjoy staying there for a few years.. untuk melawat, ok eh.. lawa brabis.. tapi utk tinggal sana? we'll see.. On verra..
a bird's eye view of the city of Besançon

I am half excited and half scared about this new town, new adventure, new school and new friends.. I hope I can cope with the studies and adapt the style of teaching and life in Besançon dès que possible.. I'm also hoping to find new friends to keep me sane all the time.. and find a shopping outlet nearby..

Ben, je vous laisse! a plus


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