Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Centre Linguistic Applique

Sorry nanti lagi ku upload gambar2 nya...

At the moment Im still searching for a studio to rent.. I've phoned more than 30 landlords/landladies and most of them sudah rented their place out.. My phone bill should be more than the usual for this month I guess.. Anyway, out of those that I've called, I've already checked 3 places out and I will be checking 3 other places tomorrow.. The rest of them have rented their places or didn't pick up their phone (but I did left them a message)..

The average rent for a studio is around 300-350 excluding the electricity bills.. I want my studio to be at least 20m squared. I'll accept 18m2 but not less than that.. But 18m2 is too small sudah.. I NEED SPACE! There was this 50m2 for 400euros a month but it's taken.. sigh~

My rendez-vous is at 9.30am, 10am and 5pm tomorrow.. I hate waking up early especially during Ramadhan.. The city centre is not that big.. Normally you wouldn't be in much trouble if I got lost in the city centre.. cause if you just walk straight till the end, you either end up going to a road beside the river, or a bridge or the citadel (fortress).. But you'd be in trouble if you walked into a dead end.. Tapi, I think I know all the jalan already.. But I just don't know the names of the streets and places..

the place where Victor Hugo used to live..

The CLA is located on the other side of the river.. just outside the city centre.. a bridge away from the city centre.. I have not commence my courses yet. But I've gone there twice already to look at the advert on the school board in search of a studio..

The CLA building
the whole buidling of the CLA

The weather is hot and wet.. Just like in Brunei.. It rained the whole day today.. I spent most of the day at the Tourism Office looking at newspapers and advert space in the newpapers for a studio.. I had my raincoat on.. But my bag was soaking wet so I had to buy an umbrella..

Oh btw, I had my sungkai with a Tunisian lady who lives in the same hostel that I am temporarily living in now.. I was so touched when she invited me over to sungkai with her on the first day of Ramadhan.. Then she invited me on the second.. and now, the third.. sigh.. everyday lah.. except on weekends cause that's when she goes to visit her fiancé who lives in a village just south of Paris..

The people here are great! and the lads are more handsome than the people in Lille.. =)

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