Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Yesterday, I went to CLA for the tests.. We had exams the whole day from 8.30-11am (written exams) and from 2-4pm, we had our oral (includes listening skills) exams.. I had a tough time with my written exams..

We had to do FOUR- one page essays for two hours and EIGHT pages of comprehension paper in an hour an a half.. By the time it was over, my head was spinning..

Then we had the listening skill and the oral interview exam which I think I did Okay.. I had fun with the interview..

The results will be out this Friday.. And classes start next week, the 15th.. So at the moment, I am jobless and there's nothing much to do here..

Ohhh and there was this group of Malaysians as well.. They told me they were 34 Malaysians studying in Besancon alone.. By the way, tinggi ah scholarship orang Malaysia ah.. They get like 860euros a month! And all the Malaysians in Besancon are scholarships students.. They told me, after their SPMs (equivalent to the O levels), they underwent two years of French intensive course to prepare themselves to go to France.. Macam "whoaaaaa".. Aku lapas O levels, dua tahun inda belajar French lapas atu kana antar ke France belajar Chemical Engineering.. HAHAHA

They have their 'Malaysian town' in Planoise, 10 mins by bus from the CLA and about 15-20 mins away from the city centre.. They offered me a place to stay sana.. But.. Entah.. It's so far away from the city centre and I have to apply for the bus pass.. Actually, I dont mind paying 20euros a month for the bus pass.. But the thing is.. I am trying my best NOT to buy a bus pass so that I have to force myself to WALK everyday from my place to school or/and city centre..

At the moment, I live in a hostel which is 25mins away (on foot) from the school.. and I dont mind going to school.. But going back home, bari malas because it's a bit hilly.. That's why I am planning to get a studio or an appartment in the city centre or close to the school..

I cant wait to move out of the hostel actually.. The hostel is ok and has everything.. kitchen, dining room, wifi (in the dining room), own toilet in the bedroom, laundry (have to pay for it) etc.. But I can't imagine myself staying here for the next two-three years.. I want to just SETTLE DOWN..

The appartment that I am thinking of getting is a 31m squared "attic" on the 4th floor of the Place de Victor Hugo in the city centre.. It's probably 20-25 minutes walk to the school BUT at least it's not hilly and it's in the city centre.. It's really big with a double bed, dining/living room, kitchen, bathtub and shower in the toilet.. And I can imagine people staying over at this place..

Apa lagi ah? Ohhhh and I've checked the school calendar.. My holidays will be:

Autumn holiday = 26 OCT - 02 NOV
Winter holiday = 20 DEC - 04 JAN
Spring holiday = 28 FEB - 06 MAR
Easter holday = 18 APR- 09 MAY

So if you have any plans during my holiday, just contact me ah.. Mana tahu aku kan join..

Zhilin is inviting me to join him to go to SWEDEN after Chrismas (27th Dec - 31st Dec) cause he has friends living there.. So free accomodation lah.. and he's planning to celebrate New Year's in PARIS.. And I think I am going for it.. So I guess, I have to miss Boxing Day in London this year..

Actually, Zhi Lin's actually inviting me to go to NORWAY during our Autumn holiday.. But the ticket is a bit expensive.. And I think I'll be a bit kapih by then cause I have to pay 3 months in advance for my appartment.. That's why I'll most probably stay in France till early December..

Other than that.. I'm sorry to say this but I can honestly say that I miss Lille more than I miss Brunei and I don't know why.. I seriously want to go to Lille.. THAT is why, I've already bought tickets to go there on the 10th till 12th of October.. Wohoooo

My brother
is PROBABLY coming over to Besancon next month insyallah.. It'll either be on the 17th-19th or 24th-26th.. I can't wait for him to come here..

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