Sunday, 7 September 2008


As promised... Pictures from Mulhouse (Mul-loose)

Finally! A place to shop! It's certainly has more shops than Besancon but without a doubt, Besancon is a more beautiful city to visit..

Fidah and I in the city centre..
some of their specialities
It's more German than French if you ask me.. The pink building on the left is the Hotel de Ville (city's administration building).. The architecture is definitely NOT french because there are less balconies and less designs..
The 15th century Gothic Cathedral..
with Khoi in the city square
us in the city centre..

Khoi's uni hall

His room where Fidah and I stayed for the night.. He had to stay at his friend's room.. Thanks Khoi in the tram

my sungkai at SUBWAY! They have subway!!!! Besancon nada subway (nor Mc Donalds)

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