Friday, 12 September 2008

and The Results Are Out

So I went to school today to check out my results.. and alhamdullilah.. It was what I wanted.. I got into the C1 group! YES! That means I can skip my B2 exams which I never sat for..

The view from the school cafeteria's balcony.. The cafeteria is in the 5th floor..
hot chocolate on a cold day.. oppps kedapatan tia inda puasa..
with Ath (from the UK), Fee and Julian (from Spain)
Julian is always with his dictionary..

Just outside of the school

across the bridge from the school..
jobless on a Friday night.. we ended up karaoke-ing all night long..

All night long~ all night~

Tomorrow we're meeting up Aishah, this Malaysian girl at the city centre.. There's this music festival in the city centre fro 11am till 5pm tomorrow

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