Sunday, 28 September 2008

What a Bargain

Yesterday I moved my last few luggages to the new appartment. It felt great.. But I still have loads of clothes to fold and hang.. The problem is that I dont have hangers to hang them.. Anyway, at 1pm, Fidah and I met up with this Chinese guy, Fan, cause he and his friends are selling futintures and stuff cause some of them are going back to China and some of them are moving out of their place.. They live in Planoise which is about 20-30mins away from the city centre so we had to take the bus lah..

When we arrive there, gilaaa kotor eh. and banyak wah barang durang lagi.. And the first thing we saw were the long-length mirrors.. and we're like how much is the mirror? and he said 5euros for the big one and 3 euros for the smaller one.. And I'm like? 3 euros? 2 euros lah.. and he said ok.. and then banyak lah barang nya and everytime he set an amount, I would try to bargain and minta discount.. haha and I ended up buying the mirror for 2 euros, over 30 hangers for 3 euros, small kettle for 5 euros and 20set of unused ceramic plates for 15euros.. It was a good bargain.. I love bargaining..

us in the bus stop with the mirror
being vain in the bus
the keys to mi casa =)

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