Sunday, 21 September 2008

There are a lot of weird-os living in this foyer.. I feel like living in a mental institute.. I don't think I can stand living where I live for another week or two. Fortunately, I'm going to move out of here by the end of next week.. I am half way packing my stuff.. I just can't wait to mooooooove..

By the way, an update on my BIRTHDAY WISH LIST...

I've been thinking about my 'ultimate' birthday wish.. And it's a bit selfish in my part to ask you to go to Besancon to surprise me... But, if you have the money and the time, WHY NOT? Anyway, for that, I think it'll be also great if you guys can call me on my birthday or just send me a birthday card or something like that.. I don't mind.. It'll be cool as well..

Here's my contact detail:


Masitah Jaafar
4e Etage
3, Place de Victor Hugo
Besancon, 25 000


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