Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Mi Casa is Ma Maison

I finished at 12.30noon today.. And I hung out at the canteen with the Japanese during lunch time.. I stayed in school till 3.30pm to wait for the girls to finish their classes cause they invited me to join them to walk around the city centre after their class.. POURQUOI PAS?

Along the way, we stopped by at my agency and I talked to him.. and he said that he'll give me the keys on THURSDAY after the état des lieux (inventory).. I CANT WAIT TO MOVE IN!!! naaaah.. I brought the Japanese to look at my place of where I'll be staying insyallah by the end of this week..

The building inside the building.. The flight of stairs of which I have to climb up to everyday once I live there.. 4 tingkat yooooo
the first thing you will see once you climbed the forth and final stair..
The lounge in the hall way
My double bed!!! My bedroom is located just opposite the stairs and the lounge.. and next to the bathroom..

The bathroom!! =)
The kitchen/dining/living room
with Chihiro
Living 'Room'
Dining 'room'

and the beranda..

Mas, Satomi, Megumi
me with the Japanese girls

bah PEACE out! (you get me? haha *lame*)


ps/ nanti tah aku buat video macam MTV Cribs utk kamu.. hahaha paksa tah ku bali healthy groceries and susun icebox ku and usai katil apa ni.. aseeeeehhh hahahahaha iski ku banar kan pindah ahhh!!!

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