Saturday, 6 September 2008

weekend get away

Bonjour a tous!

I was offer a last minute weekend get away to Mulhouse (pronounced Mul-loose), located just south of Strasbourg (where the council of Europe and the European parliment is located.. been there once and it's brabisly lawa.. I want to go there lagiiiii) in the Alsace region of France.. It is basically located near the northern part of Switzerland and Southwest of Germany..

Now, some of you might heard or be familiar with ALSACE.. (If it doesn't ring a bell, tant pis..)That's because if you take out your form 3 textbook and turn to the page where the sub-topic on 'The Treaty Of Versailles 1919" (end of World War 1), under"territories", you can see the Alsace-Lorraine once belonged to Germany.. So it's no surprise that most of the buildings are German-ish and the cathedral has the 15th century Gothic designs..

Anyway, I am still in Mulhouse at the moment.. I arrived here with Rafidah at 1pm. It was a 2 and a half hour train from Besançon and we had to change at Belfort.. Khoi, my vietnamese friend who was my senior in Lille, recieved us at the gare (train station).. He offered us his room for the both of us to stay..

I will update more soon.. and insyallah I'll upload some photos as well.. Fidah and I will be leaving Mulhouse tomorrow around 6pm and will be arriving at Besancon at 8.30pm..

My classes commence on Monday. Wish me luck..

selamat berpuasa!

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