Sunday, 14 September 2008

My Ultimate Birthday Wish

Hi.. I was just looking at my birthday countdown and In less than 3 weeks, I am going to turn 20..

So I opened my organiser and *sounds of glass being smashed*.. Turns out it was on a Monday and I have a rendez-vous at the prefecture (immigration) at 3.20pm on my birthday! Merde! I have to go there to renew my titre de sejour.. Annoying eh the french system ani eh..

Anyway, someone asked me the other day what I want for my present... And I couldn't think of a thing.. I am not really a materialistic person *looks at JIMBO*.. But I am the type of person who looooove surprises.. So I thought of this...


To have any of my friends surprise me and told me that they're going to Besancon a day before or hours before arriving (that way, I can meet them at the station).. Now THAT would be the ideal gift for me this year..

Just in case you are going to SURPRISE me.. nah my phone no +33611505239 'CALL ME!'

Happy advance birthday to ME!!!!

p/s: to reserve tickets from London to Besancon, go HERE or you can google "SNCF train" and reserve it NOW!

Insyallah I'll belanja the transport around Besancon and maybe kalau murah rezeki, belanja makan the whole time durang d Besancon.


1. I am going to Lille on the 10th till 12th of October.. So I think it's better if you come here on the 3rd or 4th October..

2. My brother's coming over on the 17th till 20th October.. (I hope he brings a present for me.. I hope his present for me is sealed in an envelope and is green in colour.. meaning 100euros).. So I will be busy that weekend

3. My aunt and my brother are coming over on the 24th till 27th October.. So, again, I will be busy entertaining them that weekend as well..

4.If you won't be able to make it on the 2nd or 3rd or 4th of October.. DONT WORRY cause..

I will be accepting my ultimate BELATED birthday present as well, And my holidays are on the 26th October to 2nd November.. And insyallah I'll be staying in Besancon UNLESS ada orang sponsor aku ticket to go to the UK *shrugged* mana tau ada.. So the belated birthday presents starts from the 7th of November and so on..

Love you all!!!!

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