Monday, 17 August 2009

August Rush

My sister posted some pictures on facebook.. And the name of the album is SPLASH BASH.. Nah... cuba liat ni...

... and those pictures reminded me of the party i had about a year ago.. The bouncer (bouncy castle) was exactly the same.. with the Pirates of The Carribean punya theme.. But back then, the party was called The 'Saturday Night Splash'.. Ring a bell? Apart from the guests and Ice Cream Van (which I'm extremely jealous of), the parties were kinda similar, I guess..

Nah these pictures were taken on 9th August 2008.. The Saturday Night Splash 2008..

The birthday celebrants, hostess and the guests

The framed photo.. =D

I also stumbled on these pictures as well:

These were back in 2007.. The first time we held a 'Bibi-Nuar-Aryf' Birthday Party or a BNA or NBA or ANB birthday party.. whatever you want to call it.. It's called 'Bibi-Nuar-Aryf' because Bibi's birthday is on the 10th, Nuar's on the 12th and Aryf's on the 14th of August.. So this is our first 3 in 1 celebration.. It was at KTM restaurant, Jerudong with the other "Gang Kumis"

back in 2007.. The Kumis n the birthday celebrants..
L to R (standing) : Syukri, Alif, Mas, Rahman and Azim
L to R (sitting) : Nuar, Bibi and Aryf

And then alang2 since aku ruah my hard disk and clicked on the 'AUGUST 2008' folder.. The first year I went back to Brunei.. And I was only in Brunei for exactly a month (27July-27Aug)..

27th July.. I arrived in Brunei at 10am.. and that afternoon jua, I went to Tutong to play netball with the KAZUs.. I remembered banar2 cause this was the first thing I did lapas balik Brunei..

Then there were like BBQ parties which I went to macam :

Shidah's Pool/BBQ partyNad's BBQ party
Madart Student's BBQ beach party

Khariul's Birthday/Beach/BBQ Party attended with the Kumis

KAZU's BBQ beach party

Lufbru BBQ Beach Party..

Saturday Night Splash's committee member? hehe

But out of all the parties, outings, BBQs, Chilling out sessions, MY 20082008 (20th Aug 2008) SURPRISE PARTY was the best! Credits to Daus, the other Kumis and the people who came..
L to R (back): Nuar H, Daus, Aryf, Rahman and Azim
L to R (front): Lim, Rai, Alif..
Nuar M took the photo and Bibi and Nawi left a lil bit early..
photo taken by Fahrullah, a primary school classmate (whom I've haven't seen since primary 6) who was coincidently on the other booth.. That was also a surprise for me..

My last day in Brunei- August 27th 2008

Can't believe I did that much in a period of a month.. August 2008 was awesome..

Unfortunately for me, this year, I have to spend the whole month of August at summer school.. 11 more days and the summer school will be over! wohoooooooo~

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