Sunday, 2 August 2009

Esok aku start skulah.. sigh~ pukul 8.30am lagi tu! *yawn*

My brother is coming this Wednesday (5th August). He'll be here for a week. I hope my schedule's not too tight so I can bring him around. Not that he's never been here before.. But I like being the tourist guide.. =) But I love to be a tourist than a guide.

Anyway, The KAZU Netball game was held yesterday and from what I can see (from the blog and facebook), I would have to say congrats to the AMIGOS6_MADU3 team (eventhough I secretly wanted the Red Crocs to win)..

I would also like to congratulate my sister, Amalina on her scholarship. She's going to study at University of Leicester as of September 2009. She's coming to the UK end of September. If you're reading this, with the time you have left in Brunei, I hope you'll take the advantage you have to learn how to cook soto, nasi lemak etc. Cause I'll most probably visit you in Leicester during my December holidays. And once you arrived in London, jangan lupa tagih Abang Alim for your present from me. Once again, congrats and I'll see you in December insyallah.

And I think it's about time for me to buy a new camera.. camera apa baik ah? Aku mau Canon pulang.. but I dont want those large SLR camera. Don't see myself carrying that one kilogram camera around everyday. So any suggestions?

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