Sunday, 16 August 2009

poklen jokes

It was really hot today.. I was sweating like hell.. The fan didn't help.. No wind was coming in through the windows.. I was really bored and was really in need of a cheering up.. Fortunately for me, a close friend of mine came up with some jokes to cheer me up..

Q: Kenapa Karaoke box (Kbox) di Mall bebau?

A: Pasal sana tampat poklen beria pasal durang pikir atu public toilet..

Q: Kenapa poklen takut masuk ke centrepoint?

A: pasal durang pikir centrepoint is haunted pasal the piano plays by itself..

banar nya banyak pulang lagi poklen jokes like kenapa poklen takut masuk Mall through Rizqun Hotel's main entrance or kenapa poklen takut ke Mall punya basement etc.. Though some of the answers are a bit lame.. But he did manage to cheer me up..

Thanks Vi.. You saved my day =D

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