Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The fortnight

These are some of the highlights of my two weeks since I've arrived in Besancon two weeks ago.


The Tour de France was in Besancon on the 18th of July. Besancon was the pit stop of the day.

Kami iski menunggu di siring jalan utk liat the cyclist melintas..

The sponsors held a 'parade' on the streets and some gave out free gifts..

Us proudly wearing our free gifts! HAHA..
and here they come!

Alan trying out her new SLR camera..


Some of the girls occasionally come over to my appartment to play singstar and mainly to chill out. And on this particular day, we took the advantage of the beautiful weather and hung out on the rooftop.


Then there was this one day when most of us were craving for Nasi Lemak.. Fortunately for us, Hamzah (Mejah) volunteered to cook Nasi Lemak for us. Thanks Mejah!

Dap dap!
Mejah's cats: (L to R): Domprey, Sam (or Jasmine) and Laila
Domprey kambang
Domprey posing in front of the camera.. PC
L to R: Ayie, Mat, Alan, Sasi, Mas
Domprey manjaaaaa~ huhu..

Other than that, we went fishing near Pont Battant.. It was a spontaneous decision.. And all we had with us was a takeaway Subway cup and sandwich bread crumbs (as baits) from which we had bought to eat lunch on the river bank.. It was no surprise we didn't catch any. Haha But it was fun. And no, we didn't take any pictures pasal kami sorang2 inda bawa camera =(

My brother's coming tomorrow at 2pm.. I have classes from 8.30am-12.30noon everyday now. And every Friday afternoon from 2pm-5pm, the school organises a field trip to nearby towns. It's not compulsory though.

This Sunday my friends and I are going to Plage d'Osselle (Osselle beach. It's a man-made beach located around a lake somewhere 15km outside Besancon) for a picnic. Can't wait!

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