Monday, 15 December 2008

Marché de Noel à Strasbourg

Hey hey hey.. Went to Strasbourg again pakai coach.. Sekolah organise.. Left Besancon at around 8am and had a stop over before arriving in Strasbourg around midday..
in the coach
at the stop over.. sampat lagi main snow =)
in Strasbourg in the tram

Our Photographer
lunch in the boat
dap dap..
c Aman sibuk ah
sampat lagi main 'Bluff'..
the captain of the boat
waiter nya macam Nick Lachey ah usul nya..
Alan, Mat and Pam
The Xmas market
we met Katrine, our Norwegian classmate sana. She went by train. Pam, Katrine, Mat, Alan and Mas

Galerie La Fayette nya.. Soe, Sasi, Ina, Farah, Nisha and Mas

membali souvenir

while menunggu bus kan balik
me and my Madu-s.. haha
with the twins from Azerbaijan..

Bah.. this week aku exam week.. So most prolly I wont be updating much lah kali.. KALI.. liat lah if there's something good to update.. kalau inda, nada lah tu..

TO the KAZUs.. Have a great holiday in KK.. And jangan lupa upload gambar.. aku kan liat gambar banana boating or water sports kamu.. hehe

To those yang sudah abis exam and on holiday.. aku jeles.. =p


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