Monday, 1 December 2008

Brunch with Pehin Rahman

Sunday. 10am. Wan, Fidah and I had a brief meeting with the Pehin and his entourages.. Then we had brunch before they left..the datin sitting in front of me and beside her is the pehin.. and beside the pehin is the dato (ambassador)

with Ka Filah.. The third secretariat
with Wan or to some of you, Cikgu Wan, the ex-HOD in the maths department in MD. Ia masa ani kana antar ke Paris utk belajar education planning for a year.

our photographerin the middle of the road

Arc de Triomph in the background


anjut said...

Pehin tu apa?sama dengan Dato' ka?btw, i linked ur blog to mine.ok.hehehe!

Pame 26 said...

ka Filah ya lawa tah.

. said...

Pehin is a higher ranking than Dato, I think lah.. bah i'll link you soon jua..

Pame26: ia kah? c Mas inda lawa? haha :p