Monday, 8 December 2008

selamat hari raya!


Actually we have rights to be absent today pasal d France, aku baru tau that they are tolerant when it comes to religious holidays.. Boleh minta absent for a religious celebration.. But the thing is.. Tadi ada exam ah.. Annoying brabis..

Oh and the weather tadi tangah hari was sunny.. and then after 5 hours in school (from 1.30pm till 6.30pm straight), keluar saja pintu skulah atu, foggy berabis. Macam jerebu but sajuk.. Sajuk lah.. Baik jua aku ada bali bus pass for a week.. Nada ku sanggup jalan kaki balik skulah tadi..

Oh well, this week and next week will be a very busy week for me.. exams exams exams..

I'm going to Strasbourg again this Saturday and then there's this hari raya korban celebration this Sunday somewhere. Lupa ku d mana but ada orang invite..

I have a project to hand in by this Friday and two more exams to sit this week.. And then I have to hand in THREE projects and 2 exams to sit for next week.. CANT WAIT TILL IT'S OVER!!!!

Lille, London, Sheffield, Portsmouth, Leeds and Newcastle.. Here I come!!!

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