Friday, 6 February 2009

26 JANUARY 2009

Chinese New Year arah Auntie Ah Chong..
around 6ish pm, airport..
thanks man and daus =D

My flight from Brunei-Dubai-London was great! There werent many people and I get to take 3 seats yang in the middle.; and i slept most of the time in the airplane.. =D

30th JANUARY 2009

Chauteaufarine and main bowling and Go-Kart with the Malaysians.. Then stayed over there lah that night..

31st JANUARY 2009

Poker night at my place..

c Sofia tukang masak kami malam atu.. Ia buat nasi lemak..

teh tarik (aku bawa teh nya dari Brunei =) )
liat SAW 2 and 3
group photo
just before durang balik.. c Hamzah baru kuar jamban.. hehe

Ina sama c Sofia stayed over at my place that night..

1st FEBRUARY 2009

It snowed..

di atas atap

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