Saturday, 21 February 2009

Concert Tour YM with the Daa~girls!

We just had our concert tour Yahoo Messenger.. From what it started out to be a karaoke night, turned into a concert night for us girls.. Haha really enjoyed every minute of it and we hoped those who had the chance to hear us live, enjoyed our performance..

On behalf of the other girls, we would like to thank our judges, Wen, Nisha, Apox, Ina, Aman, Ka Fadhli and Farah for being there that night..

For those who missed our concert, don't you worry.. Insyallah the video clip will be uploaded somewhere soon.. insyallah lah.. can't promise that..

Aman.. jangan lupa ah.. unjar kan tia producer utk kami.. ahahaha

Kuku, Alan, Peah, Aimi and Mas
Single Cover kami =p
back stage.. on the way to the after partaaaaay (right after the concert ended)

Just before we go, we just want to say "Daa~" *inside joke* hahaha

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