Monday, 16 February 2009


Thanks Mejah and Ayie for delivering the TV to my doorstep =)

The "opening" ceremony

32" babyyyyyyyyyyy~

The newly arranged living room

Thanks again you two.. =D

By the way, Happy Birthday to my <3>
(You know who you are)
Kirim salam the rest of the Kumis-es

Les vacances d'Hiver (Winter holidays.. yes, apparently we have our "winter" holidays in March.. The ones we have in December are called "vacances de noel" or chrismas holidays) starts real soon (28 Feb - 8 March).. And I'll be going to PRAHA (Prague) with Anith and Aimi on the 3rd of March till 7th of March.. =D Can't wait!! Toodles y'all!

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