Friday, 27 February 2009

En Vacances

I'm officially on holiday..


26th Feb- last day of school, birthday c Mels@Amalina
27th Feb- ada gathering to celebrate the 4 people celebrating their birthday in February..
28th Feb- ada custome party..
2nd March- off to Paris, birthday c Zien@Azimah
3rd March- off to Prague
7th March- leave Prague
9th March- school starts..

I heard the UBD-ians pun ada a week off (mid-semester holiday) jua.. So, Happy Holidays to you guys as well..

PS: if you check my youtube account (maasitaa), I've posted a few random videos.. ONLY IF YOU'RE BORED, then you can watch it.. And FYI, I might have to delete those random videos before going to Paris. So enjoy it while it lasts! Cheers!

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