Thursday, 19 February 2009

This week

Tuesday.. after Oralité class, there was this thing organised by the school.. It's like a gathering for students so that the students can mingle and practice their french with other foreign and french students..

Théo (14 year old french kid) Mas, Ina, AInaa and Sofia
Mas, Chung Yi, Aimi
Farah, ...., Mas, Hocien and Hocien (nama durang sama), Alan, Aimi

Anyway, tadi ada greve (demonstration).. inda ku tau pasal apa.. tapi it's the UFC (université de Franche Comté) yang organise.. Most of them were students, I think.. annoying lah greve ani.. every week ada..

iatah tadi, pasal ada greve ani, bus d city centre nada wah.. kalinya paksa ku jalan kaki ke skulah.. annoying brabis.. iatah akhir ku datang tadi.. and then ngam lagi ada teacher's meeting tadi patang at 4pm so my class was cut short from 3-4pm instead of the usual 3-4.30pm.. since aku akhir datang, and class was cut short, i only had 45 mins of class today.. I walked to school for a mere 45mins of lesson!! Gilaaa buang masa.. alang alang wah tu.. sigh..

Tomorrow I have to sit for the TCF (test de connaisance du francais) exam.. It's kinda like the DELF/DALF exam.. I dont really know why I have to sit for it cause I'm gonna take my DALF exam in May anyway.. but the school said I have to.. And I also had to pay 60euros for it.. I'm still puzzled and dont have a clue WHY I'm supposed to take the exam..

Banar tah.. annoying wah.. inda cukup kah DALF ku atu? talur kali skulah ani.. bari banci wah banarnya system of education sini ani.. durang suruh buat ani buat atu.. tapi inda di explain nya banar2 mengapa.. they only told me that I HAVE TO SIT FOR IT but they didnt explain to me the reasons for it.. annoying brabis jua tu!!!! Orang lain inda jua ngambil.. GH! Bari SASAK!

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