Saturday, 11 October 2008

Birthday weekend day one

I arrived at Lille at 9.15am and Minh was there to pick me up. We went to his place to drop off my stuff and then he had to go cause he had a class at 10.30am. So I went to Delphine's place and off we went to the city centre to have breakfast.

The building where I used to live

with Delphine in the city centre

At 12.30, I went to the cite scientifique to meet the others.. Cali wah aku ah pasal I assume they would have meet me at the metro station.. Sedia ku sudah camera and video laaaah.. skalinya sudah ku turun tangga atu.. nada wah orang yang ku kenal.. So aku tipun c Zhilin lah asking where they were. Rupanya durang tunggu aku arah main entrance builing Ecole Chimie ah.. alaaaah.. paksa lagi jalan kaki 5 minit ke sana.. And then there they were! lupa pulang ku mem-video.. and sioooook sal banyak BISOUS!! haha aku rindu brabis tu.. tapi ada some of the guys alum shave ahhh.. but it was still siok.. It was great to see them.. But inda sampat ambil banyak gambar pasal sorang2 lapar and tarus ke canteen lah utk bali makanan.
Laura, Minh, Ode, Mas, Anne-Laure, Anne-Charlotte, Pauline, Pierre and Edwigh.

After that, we went ate outside in the open air
Jb, Gabby, Minh, Pupui (Antoine), Laura and Mas

at Zhilin'sZhilin making sushi
haha a card I made for Hector.. It's a joke lah sal last year, ia tinggal in the same builidng sama aku and aku kadang2 invite ia ke rumah utk makan sama2 and ia yang slalu cuci piring.. So in that card, aku buat Free Offer for Mas To Wash Your Dishes.. hehe

at 7pm, Hector asked me to come over to his place to hang out for a while before going to Clement's place.. C Clement ada invite kami over for a soiree for me =)
But his actual present is the one he's holding
My present from him..

C Hector pindah tampat and his place is sooo cool.. lawa lah..


at 8.15pm, we went to Clement and Martin, Julien, Zhilin, Minh, Emmanuelle (my lab partner or Binome), Beranice, Laura, Adrien and my one and only 'parrain' (godfather), Dominte.

Gilaaaa Im really touched berabis lah cause Martin was like "I know you like karaoke-ing.. That's why I asked my cousin if I can borrow his singstar and brought it over here just for tonight.." macam awwwwwwwwwwwwww.. and then and then... durang bali cheese and vegetarien pizza jua... and durang buat surprise in the middle of the soiree and Bazin (Clement) even played a birthday song for me with his electric guitar.. Gilaaaa siok laaaah.. AND They gave me presents!!!!! I LOVEEEEE IT!!!!! I am just so grateful and entaaaaah I LOVE THEM.. Emmanuelle was actually sick and she wasn't in school today but she came over for the soiree for me.. =)

with my belle binome
time durang surprise kan aku

haha macam banar
Beranice, Dominte, Mas.. Dominte was on his knees banar nya.. and he's sooo tall

Asian style =p

Oh yeaaaah Erick was online at that time... =D

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