Thursday, 16 October 2008


Tadi ada greve (strike).. and i forgot my camera.. but i did took some pictures from my camera phone. I'll try to upload it next time..

I think isuk pun ada strike and on Sunday. Tapi not sure.

My brother is coming tomorrow afternoon. He'll arrive at 1.55pm but I have class till 3pm. So Im going to pick him up at the station a bit late. Hope he brings my stuff and the stuff I asked him to bring.. Then on Saturday, we're going to Lyon (the second largest city in France) for a day trip. It's 2 and a half hours away from Besançon.. So yeah..

What else? ehhh sasakku cause I haven't recieved ANY letter yet. Not even the ones from the embassy. Talur kali.. It's been a week since I called the postman about my mails.. Talur ehhhhhh..

Ohhhh and Hamzah (the Malaysian guy) asked me to be his partner for the 'mini-memoire' project thing for my Linguistique Générale (general linguistic) class.. The project is due in December and we have to write this 15 (more or less) page report..=S

I also have to work on a summary on this article for my written class. I prefer doing essays than summary cause in order to do a summary, I have to understand the whole article. Paning ku eh.. And for the Journal en Ligne class, we have to write like a diary on what's happening around us, France or our own country everyday and discuss with everyone every week. On top of that, we have to write an article for the school online newspaper for December. And now she's asking us to get an idea on what to write and present the idea for next week. I think I have an idea on to write for the online newspaper.

My vacation is in two weeks' time. From the 25th of October till the 3rd of November. Majah is coming on the 25th of October. =)


愛美 said...
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愛美 said...


I'm just curious, are you studying in language school before getting into the university?

Aku selalu baca blog mu!