Saturday, 4 October 2008

Birthday greetings (reminder)

For those of you who wants to greet me by calling or sending a text message, you are welcome to do so.. Kalau boleh, Dont call me at 12midnight Brunei time ah.. Boring tia.. That would be like 6pm on the 5th of October tia d France.. 12midnight France is equivalent to 6AM Brunei time..


And for those of you who wants to give me presents or birthday cards, you can still send them to


p/s: AMIGOS6 has been OFFICIALLY penalised and disqualified from the TOP5 KAZU LIST for the upcoming KAZU post.. Sorry Iz.. Better luck next time..

Ohhh I went to the Chinese guy to pick up my kitten.. I planned not to get a female cat but I had only one choice cause entah I just dont want to elaborate lah. But I can tell I ended up with getting this tortoiseshell (tricolour) cat. And with my knowledge in biology, I can straight away guess that it was a she without looking at.. you know.. haha Cause I remembered my teacher telling us that tortoiseshell cats are always female because of this sex-chromosome gene thing.. (see how paying attention to your biology teacher helps you?!? haha)

Anyway, just before getting the cat, I've discussed it with Rahman for its name and we found a perfect name for it.. c KUMIS!!! haha pasal kucing and kumis and it'd be as if it is one of the KUMIS gang.. get it? hehe but then again, since its a girl, I don't think it'd be appropriate to give her the name KUMIS, do you?

Then tadi, we played with it for a while at Hamzah's place and gila belabih berabis.. chubby and kaki nya pindik.. haha reminds me of someone, doesn't it? *lol* iatah ia tapuk bawah katil c Hamzah.. and I'm like.. "Sha.. oiii sha.. Shasha.." cause CHAT (pronounced SHA) is french for "cat".. and I liked the sound of it.. Shasha.. and awu SYAH.. It's more or less macam namamu.. aiSYAH.. so entah ah.. But I really like the name Kumis.. haha I'm KONPIUS..

BTW nanti tah ku simpan gambar Raya ku with the Malaysians.. ngalih ku malam ani..

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