Friday, 24 October 2008

Holiday plans

My holiday starts this afternoon. I'm having a week of for the autumn holiday till the 2nd of November. My aunt, Majah, is coming over to France tomorrow so I have to meet her in Paris and we'll be spending 6 days and 5 nights in Paris and we're going to travel to Brussels, Belgium for a day trip on the 28th of October.

I'm planning to bring her to the outlet shop at La Vallée Village at Val d'Europe in the suburbs of Paris (zone 5, next to Disneyland) on the 29th of October. I heard there's going to be a sale over there. So fingers crossed. (Mudahan tah my allowence kana bagi by then).

Then on the 30th of October, My brother, Halim will be coming over to Paris and we'll meet him at the station and the three of us will go directly to Besançon. They'll be staying over at my place till the 1st of November. So I have to clean my place and do some grocery shopping before I leave for Paris tomorrow.

I got a phone call from Abang Halim last night asking me to check the tickets to go from Besancon to Zurich, Switzerland for the 31st of October. So, we MIGHT be going to Zurich on a day trip. It's not confirmed yet.

Other than that, my parents called and told me that my sisters, Amalina, Aishah and Azimah MIGHT be going to the UK and MIGHT be going to France as well in December. It's not confirmed yet but I do hope they're coming. I have to cancel my trip to Sweden this December so maybe I can go to the UK in time for boxing day and shop at the "guilt-free" (yeah right) outlets with my sisters and brother in Portsmouth or Ashford or Bicester.. We'll see..

So my holiday schedule is a bit packed. But I hope I still have time during the holidays to work on my 'mini-memoire' assignments. I dont want to let my partner, Hamzah down for this course work due in December.

So I'm off to Paris tomorrow. Pamela, one of the Malaysians, is going on the same train as I am. Ada jua dangan ku ke Paris. But she'll have to change train in Paris and go to the UK cause she's planning to go to the UK during this holiday. But at least bedangan lah ku from Besancon to Paris.. Sanang jua bekamih apa. Sal aku andang paranoid ke jamban apa kalau travelling sorang2 especially kalau banyak barang..

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