Tuesday, 7 October 2008

I had a long day today.. My class originally starts at 9.30am till 12.30noon today but one of the lecturers couldn't come next week so he made a replacement class at 6pm-7.30pm.. Yawn.. Nada jua mood ku ke skulah tu just for that one lesson at 6pm atu.. But in the end, I did go there cause of the attendance..

Anyway, I have an interesting story to tell.. haha

As I was walking along back from school at nearly 8pm atu, I passed a Kebab shop and tais liur ku selajur meliat kebab ah.. So I went to the kadai and asked if he sells the meat saja.. Cause I was in no mood to eat the pita bread and was in the mood to eat rice.. he said YES..

my face lit and a big smile appeared on my face. However it didn't last long cause when I asked him how much is the meat.. He said FOUR freaking euros..

and I'm like.. eh?? Kebab nya 5euros.. daging nya saja 4 euros? skatinya menjual 4euros ah..

So I said "it's not possible.. I only want the meat. No pita.. No Veggies and No Sauce.. Only the meat.."

He's like "yes.. I understand. It's 4 euros.."

and I gave him this bangang look and said "non.. non.. non.. C'EST PAS POSSIBLE ÇA!" (no, no, no.. it's not possible!)

i continued and said "I give you 3 euros? ok?" and gave him a smile.. hahaha macam orang kan bali barang arah yard sale saja..

he was a bit hesistant.. But in the end, he said OK..

hahaha when I thought about it.. I'm like, gila kali aku ani.. makanan pun minta kurang.. haha.. skadar ehh.. tapi inda pulang brapa sekadar tu and pasal lah.. janji halal and rezeki sorang2 lah tu.. hahaha baik jua pandai berunding ani..

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