Sunday, 5 October 2008

Hari Raya in Besançon

the malaysians (standing) and fidah and i below

fidah and i
most of the guys

us and the guys
in the hall way
our lunch.. from lemang to nasi dagang to rendang, satay and moreeee =)


biskut sarang semut
the Borneo-ians.. Mas, Aman (from Sabah) and Fidah.. ada pulang lagi orang Sarawak tapi ani siok ah becakap sama ia pasal ia pandai BEKURAPAK Brunei ah.. =)
Faiz n i
outside at SALAH GARHAM PLAYGROUND.. lawa pokoknya
with Anis and Aimi
the guys attempt to take a jump shot

Our dinner.. Soto..
and LAKSA =)
The guys from Bordeaux and Colmar

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