Friday, 3 October 2008

Helloooo Kitten!

Tomorrow the Malaysians are inviting me and Fidah to go to their place for a raya gathering. There'll be satays, sotos, kek lapis, rendangs and other traditional Malay food as well. =)

Ohhhh and I've called the kitten owner. He's Chinese. I can tell by his accent on the phone and he said he has 3 kittens and I'm going to his place after the raya gathering tomorrow to pick a kitten. =) I'm not sure if I'm ready to have a kitten or a pet in the house. But at least there's going to be somebody to accompany me around here. I've already bought a 'tray' for the kitten to do its business. HAHA *semangat*. But I havent thought of a name for the kitten yet. ANY SUGGESTIONS? If you do, please click on COMMENTS at the bottom of this post OR write it on the tagboard. Thank you

Honestly, I never have pets. So this can be quite a challenge. ANY TIPS?

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