Monday, 20 October 2008

Lyon getaway

me and abang halim in the train on the way to Lyon
stopped by at Dijon
it was 8am

Once arrived at Lyon, we straight away went to the Part-Dieu mall which is a minute away from the Part-Dieu station on foot. Once we went there, I felt like it was a joke. It wasn't as big as we thought it would be. Prasan ku macam d KK jua.. Aishah would be disappointed if she was with us.. haha

While waiting for the bus to go to the city centre
at the city centre, we found this Pizza place called PIZZA PINO.. hehe reminds us of Abang Pino =p
The city square. On top of the hill, you can see the St Paul cathedral and Le Tour Metallique which they built and took the design of the Eiffel Tour

We went up there by metro to look at Lyon's view
Le Tour Metallique in the background
The view of the city of Lyon from above
The old colesseum

head stand..

Lyon the Lion.. The symbol of Lyon

We went to this miniature museum.. Cool ah
those are 'man-made' ants' orchestra. The size is as small as real life ants
Yes.. That's how small they were

Street perfomances

another street perfomances..

Last but not least, we went to the Stade de Gerland (Gerland Stadium). The stadium was closed pasal ada match going on that evening
the metro station
so we went to the boutique to buy some souvenirs =)

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