Saturday, 11 October 2008

Birthday weekend day two

Saturday... woke up around half past one in the afternoon and at 3pm, we were off to St Phillibert, 10mins away from by metro (train) from Zhilin's place in Carmontaigne. Once arrived, we went straight to the Ikea cafeteria to grab something for lunch. The store was packed with people. IKEA.. One of my favourite places in Lille
Zhilin had his Swedish meatballs
and I had the veggie plate AND a chocolate tart.. The dessert was the best!
siooook but tiring

We arrived back at Zhilin's around 6pm
me at the metro.
The things that I bought. Containers, Candles, Mug, Frying Pan, Cutting Board, Drink/Food Bowl for the cat, Book Stand, Picture Frame.

At night, we went to the city centre and went for a walk.. It was a lovely night. It was only 14degrees so it wasn't that bad and it was a full moon.. I was just so glad to be there.
background: Gare Lille Flandres. The main train station

Tomorrow, we're meeting Pascaline and Wazemmes. We're going to the Sunday market to buy fruits AND the Halal Roasted Chicken and Sausages which I have been craving for! I can only get the Roasted Sausages on Sundays at the Sunday Market in Lille. Hector is inviting us for lunch as well. I hope he's not cooking.. Or worse.. I hope he's not asking me to wash his dishes just to get revenge.. =p

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